Used for telling a person how extremely horny he is at people called Johanne, from small places.
Oh damnit you EIRIK!
by Kumeran January 11, 2005
Eirik is kind of like the boy next door, just more dangerous. He is often mistaken as innocent, but that is just a cover-up of his true identity. Eirik is usually known for his amazing eyes and incredible art-skills. He is the innocent schoolboy at day, and the sexy police officer at night!
I met Eirik the other day,
he was sooo sexy, but when I met him today:
He blushed and looked away.
Eirik is awesome!
by piratesareawesome October 17, 2013
Adjektiv discribing a persons worst habits
Do you sniff you own socks before bed? such a bad eirik
by Always aw3some January 18, 2012

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