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Getting to fouth or home base with two women at the same time.
My wife let me get to eight base with her and her best friend.
by Lucky Larry May 13, 2004
Touching knee caps
Brandon: You know why she wears shorts right?
Arthur: No why?
Brandon: It's easier to get to eighth base that way.
Arthur: Her knees do look pretty sexy today.
by CooRiderOfTheNight January 08, 2011
When the male partner inserts his testicles into the female partner's anus with his penis simultaneously inserted into the vagina. This often creates a side effect known as "fecal testicles" which most men find discomforting.
"Dude, I totally got to eighth base last night."

"I wouldn't try eighth base because it makes your balls all shitty."
by The Douche Monkey March 17, 2014
Titties in your ass, if a woman puts her titties in your ass, you have been to eighth base.
I just went to eighth base with Jen.
by Bangdar May 17, 2007
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