Noun - Powerful men who have affairs. Their ego enlarges to the point that they feel their manhood can take them wherever it wants to go without repercussions.
Elliot Spitzer or Shpritz-her, former governor of New York, was accused by his wife of being egotestical after he got caught with a $4000/hr hooker
by Dan Parsont July 10, 2008
Top Definition
1. Characteristic of an individual who is a self-absorbed nutsack.
"Dick just goes on and on with his stupid comments and unjustified bragging to no end; Dick is egotestical."
by heatshedfogphase April 24, 2008
Somebody of the male gender who is proud of, enjoys talking about or displaying, and is generally egotistical about their testicles.
Gabby: " What's up with that guy? He's always talking about his frickin BALL-SAC.......whats his deal?"

Misty: " I'ts gross! He's so EGOTESTICAL.......the way he brags about his 2 buddies, you'd think they were the only coca-colas in the desert
by Carlye Samatas February 01, 2010
Adjective: A man who believes he is God's gift to women.
Jack Harkness from Torchwood is really egotestical
Nah, he actually is God's gift to women
by Galadriel1010 April 17, 2009
When a guy thinks that they have the biggest balls out of everyone, often talking about and referring to them. The real size of the testicals are often unknown.
George: God damn, a helicopter could use my balls as a landing pad there so big
John: Fuck you George, your egotestical. Always talking about your balls
by Foxygrandpa420 January 25, 2011
boasting in a manly way about manly things.
An egotestical statement would be, "I am more man than any woman can handle".
by BJ Mchugh August 09, 2008
A male who thinks they are the shit and has big balls. (my friend Gynn (pronounced Gin) came up with the definition one sunny after noon after school when I was driving her home. My other two friends AL and Benn were witteneses.
The egotestical rapper sang a song about why he was hott. (song: This is why I'm Hot by Mims)
by Shmeig February 21, 2007
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