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The belief in oneself and all of one's own capabilities.
While confused with being egocentric, egonostic is used to define those with a unshakable conviction in one's own abilities.

Not to be confused with the words:
self-confidence, atheism, agnostic, unique
One: "Hey God.."
God: "YES?"
One: "This can't go on..."
God: "HOW COME?"
One: I've found someone else to believe in...
God: WHAT!? A-after...All This Time?
One: Yea, I'm breaking up with you
God: *speechless*
One: You're just so outdated...sorry.
God: "but, the bible.."
One: Sorry, it's not you, it's me...
God: "I loved you!"
One: Yea, I've discovered something... it's called egonosticism...

*Poof* God disappears

One: Wow, reminds me of my ex...
by C Tang September 27, 2007
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