Similar to a Jug Wash but with Egg.
Chantelle was busy eating a sausage, bacon and egg bap when the egg exploded all over her face and down her top into her bra. Sean quickly remarked that Chantelle had been given an egg wash.
by Captain Jugwash January 15, 2009
Top Definition
A mixture of eggs, milk, and water, which typically comes in a milk carton. An easy substitute for real scrambled eggs, usually served up at breakfast restaurants all over. Just pour it out of the carton and fry up for "scrambled" eggs.
Excuse me miss, can I have my eggs scrambled, and not the eggwash?

Yo, pass the carton of eggwash, I'm too lazy to scramble up eggs for you guys.
by HuJia June 14, 2007
An unhealthy substitute for proper lube for anal sex.
Dustin ran out of lube to do Precious in the ass, so he had to use eggwash.
by niceguyocho June 22, 2016
1. Mixture of beaten eggs coated over certain foods prior to cooking.

2. Poor substitute for proper lubricant during anal sex.
1. Brush the dough with eggwash before placing it in the oven.

2. Bro, you shouldn't use eggwash. You're gonna give that girl ass-salmonella.
by niceguyocho June 26, 2016
n. Used to fool your friends into thinking you are talking about some kind of lewd sexual act.
Person 1: Mike, do you know what an egg wash is? lol
Person 2: Uhhhh yeah. No wait, no. What is it?
Person 1: You don't know what it is?! lol
by chomski January 03, 2012
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