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Kellogg's brand of waffles, very popular among average Americans, especially in college dorms.
Can we have pancakes for breakfast?
No, but there's Eggos!
by Balfdor December 23, 2006
91 18
The most amazing woman I've ever met! The girl of my dreams. The girl of my future...
Leggo my eggo!
by JDB September 12, 2003
50 57
sexual essence, identifiable by the naked eye when found in large enough quantities.

if a person contains not less than 20% eggo, then this essence may be noticed from up to a mile away by at least 3 of your bodily senses.

In cases where the concentration is greater than 50%, the person themselves may be referred to as actually BEING 'an eggo'
Do you smell something?

I dunno man, but everything kind of looks brighter, and I just got a boner.

Aww shit son, it's zool! Now I get it.

Yeah, that dude is totally an eggo.

*at this point both people orgasm*
by zool2000 May 26, 2011
9 17
It is a cuss word that means the same as jerk-ass.
Osama Bin Laden is an eggo!!!!
by devinlol April 11, 2004
7 89