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A word that only faggots/potheads in Southeastern Idaho use. Nobody knows what it means except the people who say the word. There is another variation of the word:
There may be more, but none have been heard.
It is said that eggleast is a faggot way to say "at least" but, again, nobody is 100% sure, except for the people who say it.
Faggot: Eggleast!!!!
Guy: You're a fucking faggot.
Faggot: EGGLEGAL!!!!
Guy: Shut the fuck up
by RagingGuy456123 July 27, 2010
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This strange word was originated in a small Idaho town, due to the mispronunciation of "at least" and was carried out by a group of young potheads. It is also used when one does not know what to reply- as a distraction. Other uses of the word have been egglast, egglegal, ect...
Example 1:
Boy: Dude! That was eggleast an entire bowl.
2nd Boy: Yeah, sorry 'bout that I needed it.

Example 2:
Boy: Ahh- egglast, we found a lighter.
2nd boy: I wish this wasn't egglegal...
by whoeversaidthatwaswrong! August 21, 2010

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