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an alias for one luke hansen, often the focus of such phrases as "if you wanted you could seduce a nun into bed" and "if you wanted too, you could seduce GODZILLA into bed"
so i was talking to eggjob, and he was like

eggjob: ....nobody but us is ever going to read this
by ryan July 22, 2004
The act of receiving fellatio from a female counter part whilst indulging in a Big M Egg Flip. Referred to by some as the holy grail of sexual experiences.

Made particularly rare by the fact that the Big M Egg flip hadn't been seen since the early 90s and is only back for a limited time.
Guy 1: Mate, I went down to 7/11 last night and picked up a Big M egg flip and got this bird to give me an egg job later on. Was the best thing thats ever happened to me!

Guy 2: You are so lucky I wish I could be you.
by knackerbags October 08, 2010
the art of shoving an egg (hard boiled or soft or raw) into ones anus any other orifice (vagina/mouth) to arouse sexual pleasure
I like to wake up every morning with a nice fresh eggjob.

my boyufrend eggjobbed me and now i have salmonella because it was raw.
by jackass April 17, 2004
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