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Used to describe being embarrassed or feeling foolish.
Person 1: Hey, aren't you that guy from that film?
Person 2: No. And I'm a woman, you idiot.
Person 3: Oops. Egg on my face.
by JCW2001 March 01, 2011
Originally used to describe being embarrassed or feeling foolish. Now more literally used to describe a poor clean up job after jerking off or getting a blow job, where "egg" is visible in an obvious place like the jeans, shirt or face. Which can cause embarrassment.
I went home for a nooner and spent the rest of the day without realizing I had egg on my face.

My girlfriend gave me a hummer before we hit the clubs, we thought we did a good clean up job, but when we got under the black lights we realized we both had a little egg on our faces.
by BSB724 July 24, 2009
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