the new cuss word that begins with an e.
also short for the f word.
"what the eff!"
"how the effing hell did this happen."
by b.a.k. February 24, 2006
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The edited version of the word "fucking." Spelled this way, it is incorrect. The letter "F" is not to be spelled out. See F'n or F'in for correct spelling.
I wish I could use the English language properly, but I keep misspelling a bunch of effing words. I'm effing stupid!
by I'm late for class March 31, 2004
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A new photo craze like planking or horsemanning, where two people form a capital F with their bodies. Person 1 sits on top of Person 2's shoulders with their legs and arms straight out in front of them.
Hey man, planking and horsemanning is so lame...wanna trying effing instead?
by Flansy September 12, 2011
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