1) a clean version of fuckin
2) f"ing
ugh that effin dog!!!
by jermaine hiphopapotamus February 21, 2009
slang term meaning Efficient; something or someone is efficient, they are able to do tasks successfully, without wasting time or energy.
In class today i was so effin!
by Nunya Bizznis May 31, 2011
A substitute for the word "fucking". Used by pathetic hipsters, scene kids, live journal and myspace users.
Livejournal entry for Monday: "Man, my Mom wouldn't let me go to the show last night, what the eff."

"That's the effing sex."
by hXc Hater May 14, 2006
how polite, or posh people, say fucking

not usually in the sexual sense...
you effin oaf!

fetch me my effin cake you spaztard!
by DiamondSerpant March 26, 2007
effin comes from the name of an Irish Saint - St. Eimhin, pronounced Effin. So it is actually the name of a parish in Co Limerick, Ireland and some of us are very proud of it!!!
I grew up in Effin Co. Limerick, Ireland
by mary Donovan April 20, 2004
A word used by morons who think it's cool to water down the word "fucking".
Those bands were effin' cool.
by wwiiggllyy September 12, 2003

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