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Another way to post the word "fucking" in monitored groups. Made up by some girl from West Bend, WI called Andrea.
I think it's effen hilarious.
by Andrew April 09, 2005
5 28
the politically correct way of using the f word.
That movie was effen long!
by flicky23 September 06, 2005
55 8
Brand of Vodka from Holland.
Make me an Efen Coke. (coke mixed with Effen vodka)
by Chamba August 26, 2006
40 31
A euphemistic substitute for fucking.
I don't believe this, AOL deleted my effen homepage.
by Emby Quinn October 22, 2003
31 22
A substitute for the word "fucking"
Would be used for descriptive purposes(adjective).
ie: "You effen bastard!" or "I hate this effen burger!"or even "You little effen biotch!"
by R.Trelford March 03, 2004
10 20
smooth, even balanced
That shirt is effen.
by Joey Cibulski December 30, 2003
17 27