n. The Eels are a band that swears in everyone of they're song at least once. Them and Pink Floyd are the Best bands ever!!1
I was listening to the Eels yesterday.
by Jack Jackson May 02, 2004
A penis, resembles an Eel, smokeable.
Man that bitch just smoked my Eel

Eel in your bum
by Loishty February 23, 2005
An eel is a squishy animal that lives in the ocean.
The eel swam through the water.
by Echlox December 21, 2010
An email. Otherwise known as an electric eel. (As opposed to snail, or snail mail.)
Eel me the PDF and I'll print it right now.
by Mlok January 14, 2008
The noun for the word "ill"

Used to describe someone as an ill person
Guy 1: Yo i fucked this bitch last night and my dick went through her skull fucked her
Guy 2: Yo ur an eel.

Girl: Oh my god! you're penis is so big!
Guy: yeah i'm an eel
by ZDG approved by BG July 20, 2010

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