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1) The tip of a turd that just breaches the anus resulting in the groundhog effect. More so called an "eelhead" do to the fact that the turds pointed end resembles that of an eel poking out of a hole to see it the coast is clear for the rest of its body.

What defines an eelhead more so is its poor vision and inability to see that the person it is escaping from is wearing underwear resulting in brown crayola marks in ones underwear also known as rorschach test marks.

2) The more common nick name for a "Shit Head" as to not offend old ladies and little kids while calling your friend this name.
Also known as turtle head or prarie doggin'. Not to be mistaken by the common shat.

Eelhead is a more firmer poo that can sometimes have the feeling of what some call a finger in there ass.

"Hey look at that eelhead over there!" or "Your mom is such an eelhead, she won't give it up to me."
by Eelhead October 16, 2009
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