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The most irritating noise ever. Heard when overweight individuals don't lift up thier chairs when standing up.
Chair: eeeeeeeeee!
Person: LIFT YOUR CHAIR!!!!!!!
by Mace C.11 April 09, 2008
extreme excitement, usually about a new relationship
Girl 1: I've met a new guy?
Girl 2: eeeeeeeeee. Is he hot?
Girl 1: Yes. eeeeeeeeeee
Girl 2: eeeeeeeeeeee
by carobonara July 08, 2009
A form of bullying used by the Ginger race. Usually performed to the smaller, more vulnerable persons whom cannot retaliate in an effective manner.

Holding of the shoulders and performing a shaking action to the runt usually also occurs.
"Eeeeeeeeee Jenna your so small Eeeeeeeeee...."


by Jenna Beast April 24, 2007
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