There are two kinds to Editors;

1. The good kind of Editor who pays attention and takes alittle time out of their day to look and think about every new definition that comes along they're way. Usually doing 50~150 definitions in one sitting.

2. 10 year old n00blets who think they actually have a chance at being the law somewhere, and usually say "NO" and "I Don't Know" to every definition. These usually get bored of this within two weeks.
Guy1: I'm glad we have Editors! Sure it takes over a month for my deff to get through, but at least we have a filter!
Guy2: Are you on crack?

n00blet: lolololo i iz guna turn down all deez defs so pplz wil haz to bow down 2 me nd i wil bee teh new kind uf ub!1!! lolollloll

I am an Editor, I assure you I am NOT a n00blet! I do about 100 within one sitting, and read and think about every definition I pass before I answer whether it should be posted or not! Don't think that Urban Dictionary is going down the drain! Its not there yet!
by Splek November 02, 2008
Top Definition
Some of them are noobs that just reject every submission that comes their way. Others are actually intelligient and choose the right definitions to go in and reject the absolutely stupid definitions.
The editors edit What more could I say?
by Freakin' Sweet! October 15, 2006
A person who helps maintain this site by weeding out bad definitions. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it. These brave men and women donate many hours of their time to better the Urban Dictionary with getting anything in return other than the satisfaction received from helping.
Thanks to the editors, this site will be a better place.
by hello March 31, 2005
1) The hard-working folks entrusted with reviewing all submissions to Urban Dictionary. They're not perfect, but bless their hearts, they do a darn good job at the end of the day. We should all thank the editors by buying them beer and sex.

2) The dickholes who thought they were too good to publish your definition. Hopefully their skin will fall off.
Did the editors approve your submission yet?
by Calico Kitsune November 26, 2006
Cocksucking assholes who choose to let words in that mean absolutley jack shit but when given an actual definition used by society in a rural town they piss on it.
"Your submission has been reviewed by editors. Editors chose to not publish your submission."

"Fuck'n Editors"
by Fuck Editors January 31, 2006
a bunch of stuck up assholes
those editors are just assholes
by Angry somoan August 21, 2006
A bunch of fuck heads that decide whether or not words are published on UD. They take several weeks to "review" a word, and most likely just "chose to not publish your word" without telling you why. Just like they "chose to not publish" this word.

urban dictionary: "Define your world" ok.

This word will not get published, Yea I know.
Users: Can you publish my word?
Editors: Yea if you give me your credit card number.
by Yea Fuck You Too January 10, 2008
Great indie band from the UK.

Gorgeous melodies. Soul-stirring lyrics.

Admirable lead singer.
Editors is the light of my glommy days.
by Moiraa April 15, 2008
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