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A high school in Fairfax county that is by far the most rundown school in the state, its depressing nature causes many students to smoke, drink, or have sex. Good times, gooooooooooood times
What high school do you go to?
Ouch, that sucks
by Masta P February 04, 2005
Is a school in Fresno ca where a bunch of gay fags go to fuck and touch each other but they have the best classes
Guy 1: I go to Edison High School
Guy2: Get away from me you fag
by Slimdik123 January 05, 2013
A school located in the small town of Milan, OH. Nothing major to say except for that the band is one of the few in the area which still upholds the tradition of having four shows (at least) in one season. Also, we are very poor. Seriously, our walls are cardboard people. How much worse can it be? Very. It could be much, much worse.
Here at Edison High School, our cardboard walls bleed Orange and Blue!
by Guy that has been everywhere November 05, 2013
A relatively small school located in Fairfax County, VA. Has a high minority population of Hispanics. Although a pretty crappy, ghetto school, some idiot millionaire decided to donate millions of dollars which was used to buy "Smartboards", which is a blackboard hooked up to a computer and is interactive. A very good idea, but the biggest waste of money on this talentless, worthless bunch of kids.
Yo there's gonna be a gangfight near edison high school tonight.
by ScrewYouToo February 24, 2005
one of the smallest schools in VA and has some of the nastiest girls youve ever seen
that bitch at edison is nasty
by sorryladies March 03, 2005
its one of the best schools in Tulsa oklahoma. it's acctually called Edison prepatory High and ppl smoke,drink, and have sex here too but hey, thats just life in high school.
kid1-" hey what school do you go to?"
kid1- "aww that sux i go to edison."
by Jennifer April 24, 2005

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