Short for sXe (straightedge)
Stoner:"Hey man, you wanna hit this bong?"

sXe: "No way. I'm so edge. No drugs, or alcohol."

Stoner: "Alright man, thats chill."
by dude December 18, 2004
An anti-social person with no real friends, only online acquaintances. He pretends to possess the knowledge to "hack" but in reality can barely run a computer. He is obsessed with Macs, even though he runs on Windows. He has zero self-confidence, but hides that fact through a combination of bravado, arrogance, and just plain meanness.
That guy is so edge, nobody believes his BS.

That guy is edge. Nobody likes him.
by mememe123 December 08, 2004
adj. something that owns, is hardcore.
Any band that's edge enough to use something a retarded 6 year old drew for cover art is worth giving a listening to.
by katie tran July 12, 2004
Call-sign of Kei Nagase from Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War.
Why does it seem like everything Edge does is tailored towards garnering sympathy from her comrades?
by Zack Finley September 26, 2008
Stems from straight-edge, but edge people are those who dont drink or do drugs but will occasionally have sex and smoke cigs. Pretty much practically the fucking bitches who just choose to make straight-edge a trend and not an actual lifestyle. They usually do this so they can label themselves as something and when they hit 21 will quit because they can buy alcohol. There all posers.
"Eric has such a problem with commitment that he chose to be edge than straight-edge. He also does it because he cant fit in with any other crowd."
by Jeff from SD July 10, 2008
a term used in the porn industry referring to keeping wood.
"i'm losing my edge"
by phatzane® January 13, 2005
A rude immature person. One who lacks respect for authority. A rule breaker.
That jerk is so edge. He thinks the rules don't apply to him.
by mememe123 December 08, 2004

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