Earth Defense Force is the armed forces for Earth in the computer game Duke Nukem 3D and others in the Duke Nukem franchise.
Duke did more work than the rest of the EDF combined!
by SamSwashbuckler May 11, 2007
Top Definition
Eat Dick Faggot
steve: yo fuck you!
John: edf!!
by mannyf1588654 April 13, 2010
Short for "Erotic Death Funk".

A type of funk metal that is harder/darker than Red Hot Chili Peppers, but funkier/sexier than System Of A Down or Slipknot.

The abbreviation implies that it's an actual genre, as opposed to using the full name "erotic death funk", which is more often used as hyperbole in reviews. Thus it is more commonly applied to bands or entire albums rather than individual songs/collaborations.

Most EDF bands actually play different genres on different songs and it's the combination that makes them "EDF". "You'll Be A Hot Dancer" by Incubus is an example of this within a single song.
-Did ya hear dat song "Cameltosis" by KoRn and Slim Kid Tre? It's not rap metal, it's not funk metal, it's like...erotic death funk.
-Yeah, dat whole disc is 13 tracks of pure EDF!
by Dhaka-dice March 05, 2013
Every Day Fuck

Also known as EDS (screw/shag) or EDB (bang)
Bro 1: What the hell took you so long?
Bro 2: I was fucking Tiffany...

Bro 1: AGAIN!?!?!
Bro 2: Yuh man, she's my EDF
by shagtastical47 January 10, 2012
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