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EDB - Episodic-Douche-Baggedness.

(aka: Episodic Douche Baggery)

-to suffer from episodes of doucheyness.

Patient presents with signs and symptoms of a douchebag, as well as the ability to annoy you at least once every 24 hours.

Studies have shown that EDB is a chronic, progressive, degenerative disorder. Creepiness, Pervertedness and Smart-ass-comments only increase in scope and severity as time passes.

No Known Cure.

Nursing Implications: Patients with confirmed cases of EDB are considered to be on palliative care; manage their symptoms until death. *hopefully sooner rather than later.
Bruce: I just don't know about that guy... Something about him really pisses me off?

Jobin: Yeah, I get what you mean. Its like, he has the qualities of a douchebag... but not to the point where I would classify him as a full-on douchebag?

Bruce: Exactly! He suffers from Episodic Douche Baggedness!

Jobin: Yes. The first case of EDB has been confirmed.
by jobin029 December 04, 2009
"entitled douche bag"

a guy that has expects the red carpet rolled out for him.

he's had it easy his entire life. he doesn't date.... he's studs himself out. he's a serial dater and throws around his name and/or $. one night stands are his calling card. he thinks the world revolves around him alone. Freud called the cards right for this guy.
He thinks his business card is a ticket to a one-night stand --- what an EDB!
by EveryWomanKnowsOne January 26, 2011
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