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e-mail address
What's your eddress?
by Anna Maria Tran December 18, 2003
Condensed version of e-mail address.
He sent me his telephone number and personal eddress.
by John Davison November 12, 2006
An address system for the digital age, eddress simplifies your address by turning it into a 6 character code ABC-123. Sign up for yours at
Person 1: Hey, do you have an eddress?
Person 2: No...
Person 1:How am I supposed to find you?
by Jasperd April 22, 2016
short term for email address
What is your eddress?
by war1man August 05, 2003
noun, internet slang for an e-mail address.
Rock frustrated his friends by having too many eddresses.
by Immodest January 03, 2006
The updated version of the phrase "e-mail address" into one concise word.
I have your telephone number, give me your eddress and I'll have all of your contact information.
by reddienow July 30, 2009
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