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12 year old boy butt,:n. the ass of a petite woman, lacking breeders hips.
Asian chics are hot!
Most of them have 12 year old boy butts!
by Immodest April 17, 2006
noun, internet slang for an e-mail address.
Rock frustrated his friends by having too many eddresses.
by Immodest January 03, 2006


1) A common form of dementia, a neurologic disease characterized by absence of mental ability severe enough to interfere with normal activities of daily living, lasting at least six months, often present from birth. Blondehiemers frequently occurs in teenage girls, and is marked by a severely limited cognitive functions such as remembering, reasoning, and planning.
Hannah's Blondehiemers is so severe she often not only doesn't get jokes, but doesn't know when a joke has been made.
by Immodest December 20, 2009
Hamster Suit, noun

1) a long sleeved, long baggy sweater dress that goes down past the knees worn by women to conceal their figure or bulk, giving the appearance of a giant hamster with just hands and tiny feet protruding. Most commonly seen on plump, overweight, or large breasted women.
April's hamster suit didn't hide her big boobs, but it did make her look thirty pounds heavier.
by Immodest August 04, 2012
hair cave, noun

1. a hairstyle favored by women who are overweight or think they are. The typical hair cave frames the face while covering the sides of it so the roundness or fattiness of the face is concealed, giving the appearance of someone looking out of a cave made of hair.
The hair cave on Amanda's facebook picture didn't fool anyone.
by Immodest August 04, 2012
Independent Suspension, slang

1) Up in your face breasts that don't sag at all

2) Great knockers, often breast implants
OMMFG! Did you see the independent suspension on that honey!?
by Immodest August 05, 2012
noun. Constantly harassing or badgering someone for no good apparent reason.
Jim's ex-wife loved to play fuck fuck games. Her mission in life was to keep everyone off balance and second guessing themselves.
by Immodest December 04, 2011

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