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Like eddisfriction but without the follow thru, something that edd approves the use of due to excessive testing and questioning, and therefore is safe and exceptable for the use of others. A responce of being punished or disiplined for using something without eddifaction is common.
Well... too be honest.. if ur not looking for a small car like a mini, why would you get anything other than a 306... a 306 is a good family car with eddisfaction.. what do you want from me?
by Kluke January 19, 2004
eddisfaction - To reach the standards set out by Edd, eddisfaction is only obtainable when the enjoyment level is so intense that Edd screams for more. Some people presume that reaching Eddisfaction is an easy task or "a piece of cake" but only those who truly know Edd really understand the value of Eddisfaction and the effects that are caused by it.
Can't get no Eddisfaction.
you can really feel the eddisfaction, it kinda makes me feel uncontrolably sick.
by Rik January 19, 2004
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