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The ghetto of ghetto's within luton. Also a red light district. Main feature: a steal triangular cage in the centre filled with pigeons and blood stains. If you are white u will get capped.

Second languages - english or luton jive
fuck tht - run
by Kluke January 19, 2004
An activity or full-time job that approx. 85% of people from luton participate in, involving one of the following:

1. Stealing stuff you cant afford
2. Stealing stuff you can afford
I've seen a lotta lootin 'n luton and I've had my fair share of it too but if i see another mofo taking sum old ladies zimmer frames, im gonna have to get ghetto and it aint gonna be pretty.
by Kluke January 19, 2004
Like eddisfriction but without the follow thru, something that edd approves the use of due to excessive testing and questioning, and therefore is safe and exceptable for the use of others. A responce of being punished or disiplined for using something without eddifaction is common.
Well... too be honest.. if ur not looking for a small car like a mini, why would you get anything other than a 306... a 306 is a good family car with eddisfaction.. what do you want from me?
by Kluke January 19, 2004
A word used to describe something Edd gives approval to (see Eddisfaction) that is constantly rubbed against his ballsack as a display of approval in public.
"Push me, and the just hurt me, till edd can get his, eddisfriction."
by Kluke January 19, 2004
something we all try and do, but not all of us make it.
Quick shout out to tha homies who didnt ghetto out of luton in one piece. peace.
by Kluke January 19, 2004
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