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Eddie Rath is an awesome rapper that raps Naruto making songs for Shippuuden episodes on YouTube. He is a fan of Eminem, Lil Wayne and Immortal Technique. Eddie is currently 23-years-old he lives with roommates and is in a relationship as of now he has his own SoundClick website he is known all around a lot of Naruto fans and is "famous" for saying "Wassup!?" and saying he's own name in some of he's songs.
"Itachi Mangekyu in the eyes only sees blood when a ninja cries want kill me then you better get...SASUKE!"

"Wassup?! ninja's is this a movie attack the Leaf Village where my crew be what does it feel like to be a shinobi all my ninjaz feel you before you feel me! A-katsuki A-katsuki, A-katsuki and all my ninja feel me before you feel me!"
by DarkDevilRevenge August 27, 2011
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