ECW, or Extreme Championship Wrestling was a revolutionary american wrestling promotion. Notorious for its rowdy, die hard fans and willingness to push the envelop with story-lines and what could be done with wrestling...

However, due to constant money issues(Which haunted the company since it inception) ECW had to close in 2001...

Now Vinnie Mac who owns WWE decided to bring it back, and now you have a promotion thats a shadow of its former self.
Vince Macmahn thinks that he knows what the original ECW was all about, but sadly he is mistaken.

I dont want any WWECW or as I like to call it Entertainment Championship Wrestling, give me the original EXTREME Champonship Wrestling.

R.I.P. ECW(the real one) 1994-2001
by Fat Chick Thrilla March 13, 2008
Like the wrestling promotion (1992 -2001), not that shit on tv today. A wild brawl or fight that occours with unconventional weapons being used such as chairs, brooms, DVD players, or any other items you normally would not see in a fight. Participants usually toss them or whack their adversary with the item. Very exciting.
Yo!!!! Shorty went into the house and came out with an ironing board and cracked Boo Boo over the head with it. Then Boo Boo's mom came up the street with a chair and went ECW on Shorty's ass. It was crazy!!!!
by MJ Wright February 18, 2008
the company that created some of the best wrestlers in the wwe, tna and the new ecw today
RVD, rhyno, dudleys, rey mystirio, and many more.
by josh prato-forte September 08, 2006
a poor job done to no particular standard of quality with no care for outward perception. Not perfect. Just good enough, yeah?
I had my tire fixed and they used duct tape to fix it, what an ecw job
by sethsy5 January 29, 2009
extreme championship wrestling formerly eatrem championship wrestling a fedaration who was famous for extreme stuff hardcore matches flaming tables total disregard for huma safetey they had and have a cult following but alas in 1999 they were they bankrupted bye wcw and wwf(wwe)
and had no choice but to sell the company and all rites to titan sports inc.(vince mcmahon)
ecw rules did see that 450 splash bye rvd he nearly killed kidman
by xion May 07, 2005
A once great hardcore wrestling fed which turned to shit and went bankrupt when they started pushing no-talent assclowns like Justin Crediblybald as their world champion.
e-c-dub! e-c-dub! e-c-dub!
by Rob Van Dam February 25, 2004
A wannabe WWE. ECW constantly tries to keep up with WWE but continues to fail miserably. Anyone superstar from WWE could beat anyone from ECW... just look at batista,triple H,shawn michaels,undertaker etc..
dam i just wasted my time watching ecw when i could have been watching wwe
by ethan123123 October 06, 2006
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