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This describes a combination of many different individual elements of styles, themes, mediums or inspirations pooled from many sources. It can refer to musical tastes, dress sense, interior design...many things.
She has an ecletic sense of style, today she wears biker boots, pink fishnet stockings, a pencil skirt, a military jacket, a baseball hat, a my little pony t-shirt and a dunlop bag covered in badges from all her favourite bands from ABBA to Kooks
by Ezmerelda August 28, 2005
- A mix of various styles and artists

- odd not quite retro style
You have quite the retro style.

I do believe you mean 'eclectic'.
by Professor of Awesome January 26, 2011
Adjective used by artsy, liberal journalist types to describe just about any album ever produced. A record is particularly "electic" if its tracks vary between criticizing the world's power structures, commiserating about yucky, yucky girls, or talking about all the randomness that makes live "ever so worth living." In other words, it's about giving credence to incoherence.
Artsty journalist: This new album is so eclectic.
Reader: You always say that.
by AdamX10 October 07, 2007
Liking more than one type of music
"I like everything from Hilary Duff to Led Zepplin to Garth Brookes to Tupac"
by Heather January 27, 2005
Often used incorrectly to mean shit.
"I have an eclectic taste in music"
by GoatyGoY February 26, 2009
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