The smell, better known as body odor, emitted by those of European heritage, mostly found in Europe; frequently found on public transportation...and everywhere else...especially France.
Man!! Did you smell that E-BO on the metro??
by Rikk stevez October 31, 2006
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Relating to an extacy pill (mdma)
"Hey, are you selling any ebo's at the rave tonite?"
by Jay September 07, 2003
E-bo simply means a modern-day bohemian. A person who utilizes the internet and technology to further their passion. Someone who devotes their day to their art. Whether it be writing, painting, sculpting, drawing, music, photography, etc. They devote their night to having fun, partying, and generally experiencing life.
Devereaux-"Today I posted a poem, 10 pictures, a drawing, and a painting online." Toulouse-"You're ebo man." Devereaux-"Uhh...let's drink."
by LeBoheme March 18, 2009
a pill of ecstasy, called an e-bo
"hey where are the bo's"
by e bo December 02, 2007
Emergency Box of Smarties
I'm snowed in with 4 feet of fresh snow outside. Oh! No! Where is my EBOS?
by gordon lightfoot May 25, 2007
Emotional Bag Of Shit.
I can't stand her because she is so emotional all the time. She's such an Ebos.
by chorizo2134 February 10, 2009
The body odour of scene kids who like to be known as 'Emo'. (Emo + BO = Ebo)
Man get a whiff of the ebo in here!
by Wisiwoo October 28, 2005

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