eternal blood killa for life and fuck cK who ever says that is a bunch if gay broke bitches
go up to some slobs and say "ebk" bitch
by dM+tM=LuV4EvA March 21, 2005
extreme burger king (have it your way)
Have it your way at burger king
by Crips are cool March 05, 2005
"its ebk every day all day to the day I die" ebk stands for evil black kids, evil black kids will tag team a bitch in a motel 6, evil black kids wear blue but they aint even trippin, for evil black kids it aint about crip or blood its about payback and love for the blocc, some say they're everybody killas thats true, evil black kids will kill everybody and when they ride its always locc to the brain. Naw I'm playin it means everybody killas.
many definitions have been thrown around but after years of intense research the kik a bitch foundation for the ebonically challenged released its most accurate definition. "loc to the brain, insane, everyday all day its EBK." Evil black kids will kill everybody everyday crip or blood its about payback that family love kickin it bloccstyle with your braids in your hair smokin dank when your ridin on a full tank, with you nine on the side goin both ways, peel a niggas cap and then your sideways! I'm out!
This word come from the song Rest in Piss by Brotha Lynch. It means Eastside blood killa. Some people think it means everybody killa but in the song he say its ebk everyday all day till the day i die, im creepin thru ur set with a mini mac 10 Ar15. A set is like a gang. Just like birds are a flock of birds. This proves that ebk does not mean everybody killa but eastside blood kill or every blood killa.
Ebk everyday all day till the day i die, im creepin thru ur set with a mini mac 10 Ar15.
by Jetman 1 December 05, 2007
eastside blood killa
loc to tha brain, insane, everyday allday its EBK, where niggas load their straps cuz the rivals on their way
by BrothaLynch May 16, 2004

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