a website full of stolen media, mostly stolen from newgrounds which is updated every minute or so up to 200 a day, when ebaumsworld is updated once a week.
ebaumsworld sucks

ebaums world is teh gheyzor

Top Definition
A place full of stolen media with ebaumsworld.com plastered all over it
There is no God, because Eric Bauman hasn't been sued to hell yet.
by Smeego February 05, 2005
A website created by Eric Bauman, filled to the brim with stolen content from other websites. Ebaumsworld recently stole from YTMND (You're the man now dog).com, and has stolen from sites such as SomethingAwful and Fark. Also, Eric posted malicious code on the front page of Ebaumsworld, that wasted their bandwidth, which is illegal.
dont support ebaumsworld
by nelyjuggalo January 07, 2006
It is worth noting that almost everything on the site is stolen or otherwise plagiarized. They take something and add their watermark, claiming it's theirs while lowering quality and increasing filesize. Numa Numa is a good example of stolen material.
Man, I can't wait until eBaums's World gets sued for ripping off Shmorky!
by Chronic Munchies March 31, 2005
Stupidity for the rest of us who don't have a life shame, idiotic and nonesense; polluting the mind
Ebaumsworld.com is garbage floating in cyberspace that didn't get recycle properly.
by Flashingo May 02, 2005
The internet's largest garbage dump.

Chock-full of videos, media and games that you already saw 5 weeks ago, but obviously not that sickeningly fat kid sitting next to you laughing his ass off. Because he's getting his daily dose of OFN at eBaums.

Comes complete with spyware.
Did you see the Numa Numa dance on eBaums?! OMG it's SO AWESOME!!! LOL!!!
by rtil March 27, 2005
Ebaumsworld is the internet whore, everybody has gotten on it and after a while u get sick of it.
Albinoblacksheep is another hoe who makes less money.
by Jared March 25, 2005
Used to show off stolen material from other sites with a "THIS IMAGE/VIDEO HOSTED ON EBAUMSWORLD" banner on it

Examples include
YTMND: Lindsay Lohan Doesn't Change Facial Expressions
AlbinoBlackSheep: Animator vs. Animation

Believes theres no such thing as stealing on the net

Ebaumsworld would have most likely get shut down if it werent for his all mighty legal team.

Full of Ads and Porn and not even the toughest popup blocker will hide all of his ads...

Person 2: Yea, it was taken down becasue Ebaumsworld stole it...
by SACP June 26, 2006
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