The 3rd planet in oour solar system, approximately 93 million miles from the Sun. It has one moon, called the Moon (real original), and its surface is over 70% water. There are 7 landmasses on the surface: N. America, S. America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Antarctica.

The dominant species is the human. We spend half of our money trying to teach people and cure diseases, and the other half trying to find ways to kill other people (i.e. napalm, shotguns, TNT, machine guns, howitzers, thermonuclear weapons, etc.) The planet is plagged by a terrible affliction called AIDS, which is the result of HIV. No matter what, it started with someone having unprotected sex or someone sharing a dirty syringe. Or a man being bit by a monkey (I hope to God that monkey is burning in hell now).
Welcome to Earth, located in the heartland of the Milky Way galaxy.

Population: approx. 6 billion
by Myajd jdg July 28, 2005
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Mostly harmless.
by uclafalcon March 20, 2003
God's reality TV show.
That planet gets good ratings on Uranus.
by ty September 20, 2003
The first element used to summon Captain Planet!

Go planet

By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!
by Captain Planet Summoner January 27, 2005
The place that the human race has for thousands of years tried to destroy, and are finally getting it right..
Nuke`s are nice
by Schteen May 21, 2003
It is a terrestial planet orbiting about 92 million miles away from a yellow dwarf star called the Sun. The sun and its planets, are in turn, orbiting the Milky Way Galaxy at about 300,000 light years away from the Galactic center.

The Earth is not entirely solid, there is liquid rock core in the center. This liquid core is probably where Earth gets its Magnetic Field. This magnetic field, in turn, blocks solar wind and other harmful radiation. The liquid nature of its core is apparently the cause of seismic activity in the surface.

The Earth's atmosphere is 71% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, and the rest being other gases such as Carbon Dioxide. The planet's plant life is a major source of the Oxygen. This is one of the major reasons why environmentalists protest against the destruction of tropical rainforests for timber and other resources.

About three-fourths of the surface of Earth is covered with water. It is able to exist in three states-solid, liquid, and gas-thanks to adequate temperatures maintained on Earth. Water is said to be essential to the formation of life.

With this abudance of liquid water and other necessary chemicals we see a plethora of life on Earth. Earth life forms vary from the microscopic bacteria, to the tall redwood trees, to the enormous Blue Whale. Among these life forms are the intelligent bipedal animals known as humans.

Humans are a peculiar life-form. With the intelligence and ability to manipulate objects with their hands, they have transformed the planet. They developed technology and culture. Their technology has aided in creation, quality of life, death, and destruction. Technology has built wonderous things like cities and temples and has helped improved the lives of people, but it is also used to destroy them too.
Earth is a beautiful planet; it is like a blue marble; but it is a tough neighborhood.
by Gopi D. February 02, 2005
Would be better off without the human race.
Earth would be the the nicest place in the solar system, but noooo!
by person yo-yo August 25, 2003
The computer designed by Deep Thought to calculate The Question.
Read the Hitchhiker's Guide to hte Galaxy for more information.
by Gravyman3321 September 04, 2004

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