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That little blue planet that you can just barely see on a map of the universe.
Alien 1: Hey, what's that little blue planet?
Alien 2: Hm, I don't see it on the map. Must not be important. Let's go invade Venus instead!

by YouTube April 15, 2007
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The offical breeding ground of the human race.
by real rose May 07, 2003
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Sometimes called by it's Latin name, 'Terra', The Earth is a super computer designed by Deep Thought, another super computer, and payed for by two pandiminsional beings Loonquawl and Phouchg. This computer was so advanced that others began calling it a 'planet', and soon life itself sprang from it's main matrices. The 'humans', 'Earthlings', etc. that were brought forth were socially adaptible, and had the amazing ability to learn from other's mistakes (and strangely enough, an apparent disinclination to do so). The 'planet' itself was mostly harmless, untill it was demolished to make way for an intergalactic bipass by Vogons (a nastly lot, them), leading to the production of Earth Mk. II, which is where we live today.
Imagine there's no such thing as a cheeseburger.
Now, imagine there's no more McDonald's.
Now, the USD is gone.
Now imagine there's no New York Times.
Good. Now, there's no New York.
Now, there's no East Coast. No West Coast.
Now, and this is the big one, imagine there's no Chuck Norris.
If you could (somehow) follow that last instruction, then the Earth being gone's easy to grasp, no?
by TabGuy January 02, 2011
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A very dangerous place as every living thing on the planet eventually dies
Earth is a hazard to all people
by Amos Nusheg February 19, 2008
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a planet full of queers
who think that life isn't about
doing what's right vs. doing what's wrong
but instead they think it's about
how much ass you can kiss in order
to get ahead and that there is no such thing
as right or wrong

in other words they're all good little nazi assholes
who follow orders by kissing all the right asses
and do not care how evil the outcome of that is

That's pretty fucked up right there!
earth is doomed ...
by it's dOOmed i say November 10, 2007
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A pointless lump of rotating rock where chavs rule the innocent bystandrs and cause misery and mayhem, without which all shrinks would be unemployed.
It all comes down to chavs.
by donnald duck June 04, 2005
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Earth is a decent planet, filled with life of multiple fashions. There are two dominant species: Humans and insects. Humans have fought wars amongst themselves and with other animals - however, there are times of peace - during these times, humanity develops ways of improving the quality of life on Earth.

Insects are bothersome to humanity. Some of them infect humans with deadly diseases. Thus far, humans have slowly been destroying insects by chopping away their homes, pushing them further into nature and out of humanity's way.

There are many nations ('tribes') of humans on Earth. Some have developed differently. There are three main regions that are influencial on a global scale: North America ( USA ), Europe, and Asia. These are the three super states. The USA is the most powerful of the three, taking up 2% of the world's population but guzzling 25% of the world's resources.

The USA has no real origin. It began 200 years ago when a group of explorers reached a resource-rich land in search of gold. They thought it was the West Indies, but it turned out to be America.

Over 200 years, the US has become THE global superpower, after developing nuclear weapons technology and medical advancements beyond the norm. When the cold war began (the war against communism that had no battles), there were two supernations: The Soviet Union and the USA. Europe was crippled at this time, and simply molded itself with the US.

The cold war ended with Soviet collapse in the 1990s, leaving the US to be the worlds' superpower. It has since made medical advancements that have been problematic toward humanity's future. 200 years ago, people lived 40 years. Now people live more than double that. This causes an aging workforce and a collapsing Social Security system.

While Earth may be a beautiful planet, avoid it at all costs. Humans WILL dominate those who attack them, and ultimately rule the universe.
"Dude, I heard Earth has some good food!"
"Yeah, let's stop by there after we divide these last few neutrons..."
by Xbot May 01, 2005
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