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Something that is so overboard obnoxious and or atrocious that makes it cool/awesome/nice, but you'd clearly have to have an open mind.
The vomit green dress, sparkling with sequined dolphins was not considered 'cool' to the close minded, but I tried it on, and I found it rather revolting, so I purchased it.
by Katzen March 08, 2005
A varying hare in which has a certain Rapidity or speed of motion; and or swiftness.
Whoa! That crazy Velocirabbit just raced right in front of my bicycle at an amazing speed of 3.00 x 10^8m/s
by Katzen March 08, 2005
Anything that is worth vomiting over: Rabid animals, pungent scents, disgusting food, people you find absolutely atrocious, people you find absolutely atrocious eating disgusting food..etc.
This lady who was said to be 1 metric ton answered the door while naked holding a bowl full of horse radish sauce and spreading it all over her woman goodies was definitely what I would call vomitable
by Katzen March 07, 2005
This is a German word meaning "Electric" or even "Electrically" in certain contexts.
But, the context that it is used,
is as if it's used as the English word "Electricity".
I feel that elektrisch is pretty tricky stuff.
by Katzen March 08, 2005
This is a word that is used as a short term for "talcom powder", and the actions of putting it on, which would be 'Palting'.
She palted herself with a puff before she went on her glorious adventure to meet the man of her century.
by Katzen March 08, 2005
Other than just having an eargasm by just listening to music, also by swabbing out the ear canal when it is at it's extreme grimiest and getting pleasured or even aroused by this clean feeling.
I pretty much just had an eargasm when I penetrated my ear canal with a Q-tip after Jim-Bob managed to ejaculate all over it.
by Katzen March 07, 2005
Lumpy meaning pudgey, but very cute kind of pudgey.Not like.. a goiter or anything. The "-py" is the most outstanding part of the word, because the seven dwarves all end in some sort of a "-py" sound. And the seven dwarves pretty much equal cute.
Even though the dwarf Grumpy was always such a meanie, he was still really lumpy.
by Katzen March 07, 2005

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