Top Definition
Someone with ears that protrude out sideways

Also, see wingnut.

"Robbie is on an earection!"
by WingNut September 05, 2003
When you hear something that makes you extremely happy.
ie good music
"wow that song is so awesome I think I just experienced an Earection!"
by LILDGAL March 30, 2009
When you hear music that is so good it's like sex. If you continue to listen it may lead to an orgasm
"Dude, that band last night was sick!"
"Hell yea! That shit gave me an earection!"
by AKiller December 28, 2009
When a dog gets his ears erect from another dog, person, or object. And wants to smash it
* bad bitch walks by
Dat nigga: damn if I was a dog I would have a total earection right now seeing that ass walk past
Bitch nigga: yea me to
by Dat reet nigga slah February 03, 2014
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