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a type of jewellery worn on the earlobes. Can be worn after the piercing is stretched with a taper and often have a hole through the middle so one can see through it.
Bloody hell, his filler is massive!
by anonymous March 08, 2005
(pl.) Probably one of the best college accessories you can buy. Once they're in your ears, you're able to focus on your homework/exam/whatever without being distracted by outside noise, be it coughing, sniffling or small talk. Seriously, at least try taking an exam with them in. You can thumbs-up the definition later.
You don't need a study drug. You just need earplugs.
by Turmfalke November 11, 2010
When two guys simultaneously ejaculate in a girls ear canal.
The other night, Serg and I gave Danielle ear plugs during the gang bang.
by JBino17 November 18, 2010
were someone who has peirced their ears, gauges them up in sizes, then replaces the tapered gaugers with little tubbe like things that look awesome.
me: hey look, that person totally gauged their ears up.

other guy: whoa thats sick, i like her ear plugs

me: yeah its fucking awesome
by X a v i e r. May 31, 2009
when you mistime the pump fake and she truns her head and you plug her ear with the warmth her face so willingly deserves
i spit on her back and as she turned around i lost my load and plugged her ear
by balls to tha wall July 30, 2004
The definition of earplugs is when you are facefucking a girl and shge sucks at givven head, so you pull your dick out of her mouth and then procide to jizzz in each ear, so she cant hear and then you can call your buddy up and say how shitty the head was, and to not try for it
last night i was gettin head from megan and she was so bad i had to give her some new pearly earplugs
by Nick Basle March 14, 2005
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