A sound of general disapproval. Said when you need to quickly shut someone down.
"Hey Bill, did you get the new nickelback cd?"-Person 1
"Ear."-Person 2
by You666667 June 14, 2012
A bump of E or Molly. Specifically from cutting off the ears of Transformer shaped E pills and snorting them.
Hey we got these pills, you want a ear(bump)?
by GDTRFD March 31, 2009
A stoners favorite word.
(this is a joke)
Bill:Hey whats a stoners favorite word?
Bob:I don't know man, What?
Bob:Yeah (acts like he is hitting a joint and holds breath "EAR" taps him and passes the joint)
by xoWEEDxo April 08, 2009
Abbreviation of earphone, which comes attached to a walkman/discman/mp3 player etc.
"Dude, I'm listening to Muse, want an ear?"
by Zoecb October 21, 2004
the way a FOB (fresh off the boat) pronounces "year"
how man "ears" have you been an iiiidiot?
by shitywok July 10, 2008
The length of time it takes to stop tripping balls from smoking too much weed and then becoming dehydrated at the same time.
Dude, it felt like i was trippin balls for ears!
by lik0mgbitch May 30, 2009
a man or a woman who has satelitte dishes for ears, can pick up sounds 5 light years away, possible nicknames: radar, yoda, flaps
hey, ears, did you hear me
by frank February 15, 2004

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