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its an egyptian c-walk that those bastards in the middle east do
i love this song... its called nuk nuk spit hocker nuk dic shit... lets e-walk to this shit
by shawn peverill May 13, 2003
1 5
the word that will soon overtake surfing the web
"hey dude, i found some funny vids while i was eWalking!"
by Claytonian September 13, 2007
4 2
The walk of grace. Your legs my be C-walking, but your arms are E-walking. Clench those fists and let it roll.
As people chanted his name, Evan E-Walked all upon the dance floor.
by E-Walkin Fool June 09, 2006
5 4
egyptian c-walk... all the middle east be rockin the e-walk
lets e-walk to this new nuk nuk miya hocker shit. its my favorite egyptian song.
by shawn peverill May 13, 2003
3 3
furry creature that humps D.I.L.F's legs
eek eek bump bump, furry e-walk like to hump
by poop August 26, 2003
2 5
repsenting the eastside
yo bust out the e walk
by shady November 08, 2003
12 29