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The walk of grace. Your legs my be C-walking, but your arms are E-walking. Clench those fists and let it roll.
As people chanted his name, Evan E-Walked all upon the dance floor.
by E-Walkin Fool June 09, 2006
egyptian c-walk... all the middle east be rockin the e-walk
lets e-walk to this new nuk nuk miya hocker shit. its my favorite egyptian song.
by shawn peverill May 13, 2003
furry creature that humps D.I.L.F's legs
eek eek bump bump, furry e-walk like to hump
by poop August 26, 2003
its an egyptian c-walk that those bastards in the middle east do
i love this song... its called nuk nuk spit hocker nuk dic shit... lets e-walk to this shit
by shawn peverill May 13, 2003
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