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(n.) A violation of netiquette, like flaming or a site-specific attack (denial of service, sock puppets, spamming, et al.). It is commonly deployed by individuals attempting to redress a perceived slight, interpersonal confrontation, or who are merely thin-skinned miscreants. Comments and actions may range from snide or desultory remarks on social networking websites, to full-blown character assassination conducted on services such as, Facebook, MySpace, and others. The frst consonant often capitalized.
"Allison got eVenge against her ex-boyfriend, who cheated on her, by posting intimate pictures of him on various gay pornography sites."
by PalePhoenix August 16, 2007
To enact revenge upon an individual through the medium known as the internet.
"Remember when douchebag-John stole that hot chick away from my bro the other night? Well I got E-venge on him by hacking into his myspace! Under his interests you will now find: 'the sweet taste of a nice flaccid penis'! Not bad, huh?"
by Magno Jimenez August 18, 2007
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