Homosexual tendencies developed from being on internet forums too long. When used in real life, like pwned or lol, people tend to hate the person saying it.
Example 1: Proper Internet e-gay.
haxx0r-tim: sexnow
l33t_steve: lolk
haxx0r-tim: *sexes

Example 2: Improper Real-Life e-gay.
Tim: Hey steve, let's have sex.
Steve: What?
Tim: Lol, JK. I powned you.
Steve: ...
by scottmale24 October 14, 2005
Top Definition
A humorous alternative name for eBay. To be used when someone keeps going on about eBay all the bloody time!
Son: I was thinking of putting my car on eBay? What do you think?

Dad: Fuck me! You're always on about fucking eGay!
by mikkus August 17, 2005
A shopping website that sells entirely nothing but homosexual blow up dolls, pornography videos, and things from John Mayer.
"Wow. Where'd you get John Mayer's latest album! I got my copy from EGay at a very low price!"
by hekifier is the greatest May 08, 2009
Someone who is only gay online. Pretends to be gay in forums to gain popularity.
Example: Joe has a girlfriend in real life and a boyfriend online. He is so egay.
by Reptar Schnicklefritz December 15, 2009
its a play off of words, like ebay

---its basically a guy usually 12-16 who types on AIM or MSNlike a girl. they add all the misspelled "cute" words and all the lol's and the TeHess! and all the stupid typing that adds extras " i lyke sOoO luv Ya! <33 ooH soO glamx3's" and stuff like that.-----

sort of like a metrosexual, in the verbal sense.
---- an eGay's convo with a norm. person---
normal- hey
eGay- wuts up sweetiie! <3
normal- not much i guess
eGay- tehe that is like soO fab
normal- sure
eGay- OMG!!!!!!! guess wut happened!!!! :O
normal- what?
eGay- lyke, we're getting an A&F iin att teh mall!!!! wooT!
normal- umm okay.
eGay- its oOh SooO faB! tehe g2g luv yaa babee <3
by emmelie March 15, 2006
Derogatory term for person who continuously praise the glory of eBay.
MacGyver: I need a roll of duct tape.
Pete: Let's just go on eBay and check their deals!
MacGyver: Man, you're so eGay!
by e-ladden April 10, 2011
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