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a special kind of sauce that makes a person suddenly more Native American, and more British. This magic sauce is consumed by only the best chavvs and townies and tastes like heaven.
Ello Chap! I just tried that bloody e-sauce and now my tougne's all in a want to sacrifice a cow?
by J-Rhymes February 08, 2011
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1. A sauce or paste laced with ecstasy or other drugs.

2. A sauce or paste that tastes so good, it's as if it is laced with ecstasy.
1. After i tried the E-sauce everything around me disappeared and I became a Native American Elder who played chess with my Spirit Animal

2. Wow, Elana! who you made this E-sauce? It's most delicious thing I've ever tasted...If this sauce was a girl somehow, she'd be a 10.
by J-Rhymez February 10, 2011
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