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Someone who is beautiful and sexually alluring attracting everyone she meets.
"There was a firey spark in her eye that caught every males attention. She must be of an Elana"
by AJ January 24, 2005
a nice person.sometimes cranky.very smart.
Elana is nice.shes sometimes cranky. very smart.
by jchredsoxfan November 28, 2005
A modern depiction of grace and beauty. One who exerts such happiness with a smile, just to ensure the happiness of others. One who loves like no other. Nurturer, giver, lover, peace-maker, someone who will care. To enable this side of an Elana, you mustn't harm her in any way or she will be a bitch and make your life miserable. But that is another story :-)
She's very Elana.

She is the definition of an Elana.
by SmyDingDong March 17, 2011
elana is a girl who had the biggest heart and best intentions. she is the sweetest girl ever. she is extreamly beautiful and is loved by many. shes kind to everybody she meets and instantly treats them like best friends. elana is always found with a smile on her face and her best accessory is her smile. never hurt her because shes not someone you would want to lose. she has the best friends and always makes the right decisions. she has a amazing body and her confidence adds to it. dont let her go because it will be a terrible mistake. love her forever because she will love you just as much in return.
guy one: "who was that"
guy two: "oh, thats elana"
guy three: "wow shes beautiful"
guy four: "but dont ever hurt her"
guys 1-3: "why?"
guy four: "because she is one of a kind. just never let her go"
by aassddffgghhjjkkll;;;'' March 09, 2012
A charitable girl who is happy and loves unicorns.
girl one... that was kind
girl two... i did an elana a kind charitable thing.

boy 1- wow shes hot whos that
boy 2- its clearly Elana.
by truther101 January 12, 2013
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