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e-move (electronically remove)

move   ee-moov verb, e-moved, e-mov·ing, noun
–verb (used with object)

The process of electronically removing something; an app, widget, friend, or follower from your Blog, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media forum.
1. to e-move from a place or position; take away or off: to e-move the friend from your friend list.

2. to take off or shed (an app or widget): to e-move one’s blog.

3. to move or shift to another place or position; transfer: She e-moved the jpeg to another web page.

4. to put out; send away: to e-move a comment.

5. to dismiss or force from a position or office; discharge: They e-moved him for bigoted comments on-line.

6. to take away, withdraw, or eliminate: to e-move the threat of contact.

7. to get rid of; do away with; put an end to: to remove a stain; to e-move the source of the tweet.

8. to kill; assassinate. to delete and tell your followers/friends to also delete them – to completely e-move.

Related Form:
pre-e-move pree-moov a preemptive e-move; to find and block someone before they can request a friendship or follow you: she’s a right nutter I am going to pre-e-move her now.
by xwidep May 30, 2010
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