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One who forwards what are supposed to be personal, often incendiary emails to others within a social group. Generally part of e-gossiping. Can include annotating the e-mail.
Jenna forwarded my e-mail to the whole clique. What an e-mole.
by R.J.B. February 07, 2007
A person who operates in a sub-internet capacity.

The e-mole has a JTV account, but never visits any channels.
by Jame Graemon March 07, 2009
An emo who resembles a mole.
Marc: Have you seen Josh lately, the Emo one?
Michael: What the mole?
Marc: Dude, EMOLE
by Josh Tyler October 15, 2007
Mrs Mckay's word for emo
"BEN if i hear you say e-mole one for time!!!!!!"
by emmoi N ashoi August 10, 2006

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