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A technique for getting stuff for free online. To e-lift, start by picking out a company that sells products with a wide range of prices. Then, buy one of their cheapest products. When the product arrives, complain to a customer service rep. They will at least offer to replace the product at no additional charge. Most of the time, they will send you a new product AND refund the original purchase. After all, they don't want their seller rating dragged down over one of their cheapest products. Once in a while they will refund the purchase, send you a new product, and let you keep the original supposedly messed up product.

Warnings: Usually works, but doesn't work every time, so don't use it for anything that you wouldn't probably have bought anyway.
A man goes e-lifting some new sunglasses. He finds a company that sells $50 boots and a 3pack of sunglasses for $6.99. Knowing a customer service rep won't jam him up over a set of sunglasses for $2 each when they also sell boots for $50, he orders 2 sets glasses. When they arrive, he complains to a customer service rep that . Not wanting to have their rating lowered over their cheapest product, they offer to send him 2 new sets for free, refund the original order, and let him keep the "defective" products.
by schnappoulop October 16, 2012

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