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1) refers to a person who is (or wants to be) an internet personality or "celebrity."

2) someone who craves their 15 minutes so they spend far to much time on popular internet sites posting photographs and/or comments on various aspects of their life.
Caitlyn: Would you consider the Nerve bloggers e-lebrities?

Jesse: Definitely not. They are just urban morons.
by katesherlock November 13, 2004
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An internet celebrity. Someone who is famous for what they do online (blog, for instance).
My blog got 95 views today. I'm a total e-lebrity! LOLZ.
by GullibleZine May 02, 2007
A person or group of people on the internet, that are famous for something that they have posted on something such as Youtube. The things that can cause one to become an Elebrity is parodies of songs, daring pranks, internet sitcoms, blogs and original music.

Being an Elebrity is essentially meaningless and the things that these people do are mainly for the sake of doing it. But most Elebrities profit from the work they do whether it be selling selling t-shirts via the internet or charging people for song downloads.

Elebrities are basically the same as mainstream celebrities, only they're careers are much much shorter.
An Elebrity would be someone like: Fred, Michael Buckley (WhatTheBuck), JamesLikeCoulter, IBitePrettyHard, Smosh, MileyAndMandy, NigaHiga, and Shane Dawson.
by ChunkieLover76 June 29, 2009

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