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1. Orgasm had during cybersex.

2. Orgasm had as a result of anything that happens online.

3. A sign that, just maybe, you need to get out more.
1. Who cares if that hot 15 yr old Asian girl was probably a 55 yr old fat man? I just had a huge e-gasm.

2. I was looking at some nice hardcore porn when I had an e-gasm.

3. I haven't had sex in 3 years, but I have an e-gasm every day... please kill me.
by asdf.what January 28, 2004
An orgasm achieved during cybersex.
She was talking so dirty I had an egasm.
by enadreffahs March 12, 2004
The climax of cyber-sexual intercourse.
Similar to an orgasm except you don't actually feel anything.
I cybered for 6 hours straight before having a massive eGasm.
by batmann May 18, 2007
Having an Internet induced orgasm.
Godfrey was recommended such great stuff at Amazon he totally E-gasmed!
by Small dog named karl June 11, 2003
when you shot your load via web cam
i had an e gasm when i talked to her on the internet last night
by zircote July 28, 2008
you turn your computer on, and you take it out for a nice meal then take advantage of it, hopefully achieving egasm.
During that night of passion, i egasmed about 6 times.
by orgabula May 17, 2004
Haveing a large orgasm while on the drug exstacy
billy had an egasm when the blond was playin with his hair
by Rob killuh Gilz January 03, 2010
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