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Someone who brags about being the bomb in internet sim games, but who couldn't fight his/her way out of a paper bag in real life. Typically used in a demeaning form over internet communications, such as Teamspeak, Ventrillo, RogerWilco, etc.
Chris (aka SirKickA), you are a real e-badass, aren't you?
by gulliver22 April 28, 2004
People that hide behind their avatars on the internet, that claim to be a "bad ass" and higher superior of everyone else.

Naturally spewing out verbal abusement and other agressiveness towards one another, thinking they have a name for themselves.

While they are vastly insignificant in real life.

They are similar in terms to an "E-Thug".
An example of an E-Bad Ass.

"fuck you man ill kik your ass in real and everywhere else"
by Anonymou-s57 December 08, 2008
A person who generally, pretends to be badass online such as forums, chat applications, etc.

Although rarely, e-badass's will live true to their threats, most are idol and meaningless.

Most e-badass’s generally fall under the category of looser.

{JLM}PAINTBALLA - dude you wana fight
rob teh l33tzorz - sure

Parking lot:

rob teh l33tzorz - aight lets do this
{JLM}PAINTBALLA - j/k'ing guy, don't hulk smash me, I'm sorry
rob teh l33tzorz - you are such an e-badass pansy
by 99GenX July 27, 2006
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