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Someone who brags about being the bomb in internet sim games, but who couldn't fight his/her way out of a paper bag in real life. Typically used in a demeaning form over internet communications, such as Teamspeak, Ventrillo, RogerWilco, etc.
Chris (aka SirKickA), you are a real e-badass, aren't you?
by gulliver22 April 28, 2004
Using "baby wipes" to clean your gentials or anus after going to the bathroom. The wipes take the place of a real bidet.
Jimmy wasnt feeling fresh after his bowel movement, so he used a white trash bidet to clean up.
by gulliver22 February 13, 2008
Maximum Mexican Load - The maximum amount of Mexicanos that can be packed into a vehicle.
That El Camino had a much higher MML before the camper top was removed.
by gulliver22 February 17, 2009

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