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An Electronic Public Display of Affection. A public electronically mediated exchange, such as on Facebook, between a couple that evokes love or tenderness. Like regular PDAs, e-PDAs can potentially disgust everybody else not in the relationship.
A: Did you see Kristin's Facebook status update about how she had such a great time last night with Dan? Such an e-PDA.

B: Oh, and then Dan commented that he had a great time too. Ugh, get a room!
by linguishionista May 13, 2009
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electronic public display(s) of affection.
Sarah blew up his facebook wall with ePDA.
by spartanglory January 02, 2010
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Extreme public display(s) of affection. When a couple can not get their hands off each other, ever.
When you are with a couple and they either make-out, whisper, hug or stop in the middle of the street to do all that, the whole time. You need to tell "stop it with the EPDA!"
by Betty.L July 29, 2013
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